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European Astro Pi Challenge – phase 2 results

European Astro Pi Challenge – phase 2 results


Comunicazione al gruppo di "Garibaldini" della

classe terza B, capitanati dal prof Caldara, di avere

superato la seconda fase del concorso dell'ESA.


" Adesso i Garibaldini sono davvero in orbita 

insieme al loro programma"

Dear Garibaldini Team,

Congratulations! Your code has been qualified to fly and run on the International Space Station (ISS).

ESA, in collaboration with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, would like to congratulate you all for your excellent work!

After receiving more than 180 entries, it was very difficult to choose the best experiments to run on the ISS.  An evaluation panel, composed of ESA and the Raspberry Pi Foundation, selected the experiments that have been qualified to fly. The submissions were evaluated based on the following criteria: scientific value, innovation, feasibility of the mission within the ISS environment, clarity, comprehensiveness, code quality and readability. Please find below a short comment from the jury about your mission:

Nice use of the LED matrix to show three changing parameters at the same time. Good work.

Your code will now be uplinked to the ISS to run on the Astro Pi’s in the Columbus module, under the careful supervision of ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet. The collected data will be downlinked to Earth and distributed to the teams by 15 May 2017. You will then have the chance to analyse the data collected in space and continue your amazing work – like a real space scientist!

Once again, we would like to congratulate all of the teams, students, and teachers, that participated in this project.

Kind Regards, 
The ESA Education Team

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